January 2019

Want To Be A Successful Remote Consultant? Here’s What An Expert Consultant Says

Johnny Chen has a slew of marketing achievements under his belt: managing multimillion dollar marketing budgets, masterminding an increase in 5.5 million users in 3 months, running hundreds of marketing experiments… From the outside, it seems like he has always been on a “hockey stick” career trajectory. However, Johnny chose to give up many of…

How Getting to Know Each Other Helped Claudia and Vicky Launch a Business Helping Professionals Get to Know Each Other

The Internet, but also printed papers and television news, are full of stories of people quitting top-tier jobs and fancy apartments to go and explore the world while working on something they’re really passionate about. It’s very understandable, but it’s not until it happens to you that it becomes truly relatable. When the infamous “burn…

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