Hello there!

am Linas, and (helped by some other people) I run BeNomad.co – a website where we showcase content (such as interviews or articles, digital nomad wiki answers and how to guides), maintain a newsletter and run a community about how you can work remotely while traveling the world.

You might be wondering: “There already are tons of digital nomad websites, why do we need another one?” And that is a very valid point!

You see, the thing is this –  this website is about actionable resources and real insights how a digital nomad lifestyle is achievable and maintainable. We try to avoid purely inspirational content and always give priority to actual resources.

We also try to avoid generic tips that you often find on travel and online work related websites, something along the lines of “being a freelancer gives you the opportunity to do something you care about and drives your passion”, or “do not quit your full-time job before your site starts making money” (yup, both actual quotes).

BeNomad seeks to actually provide people with resources that will enable them to learn, implement and take action in order to make this lifestyle a reality for anyone who aspires to live it.

We do this mainly through five types of content on BeNomad:

  1. BeNomad communityBecause we believe that it’s best to learn from one another – we have created a platform which allows you to network with other nomads, ask and answer questions, collaborate on projects and look for work. The community is for both aspiring and experienced digital nomads. We also have plenty of community perks such as ask-me-anything sessions where we bring external experts to answer your questions on specific subjects, an accountability system, live meetups amongst our members around the globe and others.
  2. Guides such as “The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Freelancer Digital Nomad” or “The Ultimate Digital Nomad’s Guide to Managing Social Media” that take particular topics and explain them in great detail.
  3. Interviews with active digital nomads where we talk about how they work remotely and provide tips on how others can do the same.
  4. Answers to questions on our digital nomad wiki that features hundreds of questions and answers by experienced digital nomads about all aspects of the digital nomad life.
  5. A digital nomad newsletter where we send our tips and tricks, links to useful online resources and other stuff.

I hope I can both help you on your journey to maintaining a digital nomad lifestyle and explore what this green planet has to offer!