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Join Our Networking and Knowledge Sharing Community for Digital Nomads

What is the BeNomad community all about?

BeNomad is a tight-knit online community of experienced and aspiring digital nomads, entrepreneurs, freelancers and startup founders started in May 2018.

Our goal is to gather a community of like-minded remote workers or entrepreneurs and to allow them to learn from and cooperate with each other.

By joining our community you will gain access to founders, freelancers, consultants, and creatives who can advise, collaborate, relate to your problems, help you find remote work or be hired by you, or perhaps just meet up you're if in the same city.

How our community works

Benomad Community Activity

Our community works as a private Slack group which has multiple channels for different topics related to travel, technology, remote work or business.

Community membership allows posting and/or reading live posts on all or any of the channels, scrolling through the message history for past discussions and answers, accessing our knowledge base with shared community knowledge, and having private conversations with other members through direct messages.

Since we are using Slack, our community is accessible from almost anywhere: either on the web, through a mobile app or even through a Desktop app.

Membership benefits

Here is what membership in BeNomad's community gives you:

  • ability to ask questions and talk to forty other members, including active digital nomads, software developers, Facebook and Instagram marketers, SEO specialists, lawyers, bloggers, Youtubers, academics and others;
  • ability to participate in our online and offline meetings (we have had meetings in four continents within just the first few months already!);
  • ability to participate in our community initiatives, such as accountability checkups or ask-me-anything sessions with external experts to get your burning questions answered;

  • access to our channel with remote work, freelancing and cooperation offers sourced by other community members (quite a few current members have already successfully found work or cooperated through this);
  • access to our recent community discussion history, including summaries of these discussions in our knowledge base;
  • access to specific channels about book and online course recommendations, travel, productivity and others.

What our current members are saying…


Lukas Paskauskas Software developer / engineer

Within my first week, I found a performance marketer for my newest project. While entrepreneurship was a pretty lonely road to take, fellow members at BeNomad offer advice, form partnerships with you and point in the right direction when you are stuck.


Zen Bayno Virtual assistant

Previously, I had trouble getting clients and reoccurring projects online. Through joining I was able to contract 2 new clients within the first month. Moreover, being connected to people with unique stories from around the world — from a scientist, to marketing consultants and travel vloggers — made me realize that if there's a will there's always a way.


Anthony Christopher Marketing consultant

By joining BeNomad I was able to tap into a network of high performing start up founders, consultants and freelancers which were all super helpful and provided me with tips and insights how to transition my offline agency career into an online one. I also embrace the opportunities to be able to meet up with fellow members around the world. Being able to travel, network and mastermind together is such an invaluable experience that it has made joining the community already more than worth it.

Frequenty asked questions

How much does BeNomad community membership cost? 

It's free.

How does the application process work?

First please fill out the application form. That should be a relatively quick and straightforward process.

The administrators of the site will be periodically reviewing applications and inviting new accepted members in small batches. It is hard to predict how long this process might take because it is our goal to introduce new members in an organised manner, and by also ensuring complementarity (in terms of skills) with current members.

If we think you are a good fit for the community, you should hear from us by e-mail.

What criteria do you use for selecting new members?

This community is formed on shared interests and a genuine willingness to engage rather than concrete achievements. Thus we do not necessarily require that someone be an active digital nomad or that they have a remote work or career. However, we would generally expect the following:

  • you have an interest in remote work or entrepreneurship;
  • you are personally interested in travel and exploring new places;
  • you have relevant interests or skills that you would be willing to share;
  • you truly want to engage in conversations and help out other members;
  • you are willing to treat other members with equal concern and respect.

We also value diversity and would encourage people with diverse backgrounds to apply.

What questions can I ask and what will I learn?

You can ask whatever you are curious about and what you need help with.

Some of our members have been able to get new clients by joining our community, others were able to find business partners and collaborated on a variety of projects. 

Can my membership be revoked?

Yes. Us granting you membership does not in any way guarantee or entitle you to a continuation of this membership. As a community of driven entrepreneurs, consultants and creatives, it is important that we are helping each other out and treating each other well. While we know that not all members are capable of contributing in equal measure, we reserve the right to cancel the membership of less active members. Moreover, it goes without saying that we will also remove your access if you do not stick to the rules within our community and treat everyone with respect.

Why are you using a Slack Community and not a Facebook group?

Facebook groups can often seem disorganized and can become overwhelming. By contrast, Slack is a productivity chat tool used by entrepreneurs and startups around the globe to efficiently communicate with one another.

Our Slack group is divided into topic-specific channels where you can ask questions to the whole group or to individuals and get them answered. This granularity allows our members to keep track of the discussions important to them, as well as to only join channels that they are interested in.

Lastly, Slack allows you to quickly search for important files, guides and documents from within its dashboard.

I have a question unanswered here - where can I ask?

Please send us a message through the contact form on our website.

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