How a Location Independent Software Developer is Rising to Fame in The Blockchain World

Matt Condon is a 23-year-old software engineer from Louisiana, USA. He spent the last two years helping startups set up their business as a location-independent consultant, and lately has been looking into developing code for the Ethereum blockchain. Before he was a digital nomad, he was internship-hopping in New York and doing software development for…

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Freelancer Digital Nomad

ultimate guide to becoming a freelancer digital nomad

Most of the digital nomads I have met are freelancers. There are some really good reasons for this: freelancing is huge, it is easy to enter, and you can do it on your own schedule from almost anywhere in the world. This guide is what you need to get started: it discusses the pros and cons of being a digital nomad as a freelancer, things you could do, ways to find clients, pricing, work management, and many other things. …

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