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Over the last few months, we’ve published over a dozen interviews with digital nomads. Next to each interview, we would recommend online courses teaching you some of the core skills these nomads have.

Now, as the end of the year is approaching, we thought it would be great to review the best of these courses and to help you learn new skills for the new year. Thus we’ve compiled the best of these digital nomad courses into a list, ranked by their popularity and the number of people these courses have been reviewed by. Enjoy!

10. Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites(rated 4.4 by 1395 reviews)


Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites


As Asad’s story shows, knowing search engine optimization (SEO) can give you a huge advantage in the job market and accelerate your transition to a digital nomad. If you would like to learn more about the topic but are not sure where to start, this beginner course could be a good choice: it covers some SEO basics such as backlinks, images and bounce rate, as well as also teaching you how to optimize your website for page speed, how to manage sitemaps, use the most popular site optimization tools, etc.

While the course is mainly focused on WordPress (the most famous content management platform in the world), a lot of the concepts it introduces can be applied to SEO in general.

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9. How to Become a Freelance Translator (rated 4.9 by 135 reviews)


How to Become a Freelance Translator


Yuko has shared with us how she’s managed to become a digital nomad freelance translator in just two years. This course provides a longer-term perspective: a Swiss freelance translator explains how found multiple clients from across the world while he was living in Asia. He talks about the various freelancing websites for translation, discusses how to do marketing, shares his tips for applications useful for translators and gives a lot of other tips.

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8. Graphic Design Bootcamp (rated 4.6 by 2845 reviews)


Graphic Design Bootcamp


Stephanie‘s story shows that you don’t need to study graphic design in university in order to become a designer: she picked it up while traveling in a van with her husband. The Graphic Design Bootcamp allows you to learn what Shephanie’s learned too: it introduces key graphic design tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and inDesign, and teaches you how to work with them by solving concrete exercises.

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7. Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals (rated 4.7 by 3883 reviews)


Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals


As Bitcoin’s price approaches $20k, more and more people are looking to apply it to different fields, and new projects are springing up by the minute. That presents a great opportunity for aspiring digital nomads – and this course lets you get started by introducing you key concepts related to this digital currency, such as smart contracts, Bitcoin cash, mining, Bitcoin wallet, hash functions and a lot of other stuff.

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6. Ultimate Web Design and Developer Course (rated 4.6 by 6022 reviews)


Ultimate Web Design and Developer Course


This course is very large: it covers the basics of web development like HTML, CSS, core tools of graphic design such as Photoshop, client side programming languages like JavaScript, its framework jQuery, web development frameworks like Bootstrap, and even server the side languages like PHP and the MySQL database. Completing this course can definitely help you follow the footsteps of digital nomad web developers like Harrison.

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5. Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Guide (rated 4.6 by 6047 reviews)


Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Guide


Adomas has told us how he has been able to make a successful living as a digital nomad by specializing in just one area: Facebook ads. The Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Guide 2017 course teaches you the inns and outs of Facebook marketing too: how to create sales funnels, optimize Facebook pages, bid for ads, do A/B testing and lots of other things. Check this one out if you’re looking to start your journey in Facebook marketing!

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4. Udemy Mastery: How to create 1 course per day (rated 4.6 by 32 reviews)


Udemy Mastery: How to create 1 course per day!


As Adrian’s story proves, publishing educational content online is another potential way to become a digital nomad. If you have teaching skills, you can put those to use by creating online courses yourself. And, ironically, the best way to learn how to make courses is by taking a course on it! This course teaches you how to produce courses, how to make them engaging, publish and promote them online.

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3. Career Hacking: Resume, LinkedIn, Interviewing (rated 4.7 by 1373 reviews)


Career Hacking: Resume, LinkedIn, Interviewing


If you are serious about your career, it is well worth learning how to maintain your resume, online presence, how to effectively apply for jobs and successfully interview for them. Even if you end up not needing this information yourself, you could always teach other people how to choose and achieve a successful career: this is what a digital nomad we interviewed called Helene does.

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2. The Complete Digital Marketing Course (rated 4.4 by 16678 reviews)


The Complete Digital Marketing Course


As the stories of Chrys and Faith show, digital marketing is a very popular choice for digital nomads. If you want to try it out but not sure which exact area to start in, you can learn about it all with this comprehensive course about digital marketing: you’ll cover SEO, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Analytics, surveys and a lot of other things!

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1. The Web Developer Bootcamp (rated 4.7 by 49481 reviews)


The Web Developer Bootcamp


Christopher told us how he learned web development from scratch in just three months (well, he’s not only told us but has even written a book about it). While it may not be easy to repeat his achievement, you can get a fairly good head start with the The Web Developer Bootcamp – one of the highest rated courses on Udemy ever. Can you believe it – the course has a nearly perfect score based on almost 50 thousand reviews!

The course teaches you not only the ordinary web technologies you would expect like HTML, CSS or JavaScript, but also about things like version management with Github,, noSQL databases like MongoDB, RESTful applications, authentication, and many other things. To make things even better, it does so by giving you lots of practical examples and building sample projects. If you are serious about becoming a web developer, you should definitely check this course out.

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