This is how you can add my e-mail to your safe sender’s list and never miss an e-mail from me. I know it’s really boring to do this sort of stuff… but hey! You do it once and just leave it be 🙂

Simply find your e-mail service provider in this list and then follow the instructions. It’ll take less than a minute!


1. Click the ‘Show search options’ in your Gmail’s main search field
2. Type in the ‘From’ field
3. Click the link ‘Create filter with this search’
4. Check the option ‘Never send it to Spam’
5. Click ‘Create filter’


1. Open an email from me
2. Right-click the sender’s email address
3. Click ‘Add to contacts’ in the short-cut menu
4. Click ‘Save and Close’


1. Open an email from me
2. Click the ‘Add to Address Book’ link
3. Enter
4. Click ‘Save Contact’


1. Open an email from me
2. Click ‘Options’ on the ‘Tools’ menu
3. On the ‘Preferences’ tab, under Email, click ‘Junk E-mail’
4. Select ‘Safe Senders’ or ‘Safe Recipients’ tab and click ‘add’
5. Enter and click ‘OK’


1. Open an email from me
2. Click ‘Save Address’ in the menu bar
3. Verify that my contact information is correct
4. Click ‘OK’ on the next screen

You made it! I’m sorry you had to waste time doing this, but now you’ll never miss an e-mail from me and we’ll communicate as long as we want… epic!

See you in your e-mail inbox 🙂