Adrian Ingram is a 23 year-old location independent entrepreneur who has spent the last 2 years traveling the world while making a very significant passive income by publishing Amazon Kindle books (which he doesn’t even write himself).

How did he go from working at the gym in his native Australia to making over $13,000 a month running an online publishing business?

It all started with a random blog post on the Internet.

Quit The 9-5 by Publishing eBooks on Amazon

Back in 2014 Adrian accidentally stumbled upon a few blogs about self-publishing on Amazon and, since that business didn’t seem too complicated, he decided to give it a go.

The process looked like this: “I would research various different non-fiction topics and once one of them would seem potentially profitable, I would pay ghostwriters to write short non-fiction books (10,000-15,000 words-long) on those topics. I would then proofread, edit and publish the books. Once I’ve published the books, I would market them on free book promotion websites and try to get as many positive reviews as I could. Once marketing is done, the books would give me a steady passive income that could last anywhere from a few months to even a few years!”

With this strategy Adrian managed to quit his job at the gym in 2015 and started traveling as a digital nomad later that same year, his first destination being Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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How to Successfully Market Amazon eBooks

Over the past few years Adrian has seen a lot of success with his book publishing business: “My best month so far this year was March, where I made just over $13,000. Right now, I’m doing a road-trip in Europe with a friend from back home and I’m working only 1-2 hours per week. However, I should still make $4,000+ per month from my books during this time”.

The Amazon Kindle store has literally millions of books to choose from, some of which were written by extremely well-known authors who have built loyal fan-bases over the years. That’s why I really wanted to get to the bottom of how Adrian discovers the non-competitive niches and markets his books in a way that brings long-term passive income.

When it comes to researching the non-fiction topics for his books, Adrian told me that research is by far the most important part of his business and he doesn’t leave anything to chance: “I look at a few different criteria. The main one is the bestseller rank or the so-called BSR, which you can find on Amazon Kindle book product pages. I like to see a few results for a particular keyword with BSR ranks of 100,000 or lower, because that indicates a high level of demand. The next thing I look at is the number of reviews. I like to compete with books that are selling well with less than 40 reviews, because if there are hundreds of reviews, I’ll struggle to compete. I also look at who published the books. I want to make sure that no famous people or people with a large following are competing with me.”

Speaking of marketing, Adrian says that the most important thing is to get people to leave some honest reviews about your book, because that increases your search rankings on Amazon: “One of the best ways to receive reviews for your book is to run a free promotion, where Amazon allows you to give away your book for free for up to 5 days. This helps you get more reviews and also rank your book higher in the search results. Just make sure you promote your free book on various websites that advertise free kindle books to their audiences, such as:,, and many others.”

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Daily Routine of a Modern Book Publisher

These days Adrian doesn’t overwork himself too much: “Right now, some days I’m not working at all, and others I might work for an hour or so. When I’m trying to grow my business however, I’ll often work anywhere from 4-8 hours per day.”, but has a very interesting take on setting goals that seems to be working just fine: “I am a chronic goal setter and am constantly refining and writing my goals down. Each day I’ll write a to-do list which will help move me closer to achieving my larger goals. What also helps is sharing my goals with friends and other nomads. We keep each other accountable and that pushes me to meet my deadlines.

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When I asked him what tips he could give to any aspiring digital nomad, he said: “Start some sort of an online business on the side. Work out how much it will cost to live in a nomad hotspot (such as Thailand) and set that amount as a monthly income goal. Once you get to that number, put in your notice and get over there!

I guess publishing eBooks on Amazon might be a decent online business to start on the side, no? I mean… $4,000 a month while working less than an hour a day? Heck yes!

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