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As a digital nomad since 2003, how did you first start calling yourself one?

Answered by Dan Lawrence, SEO and e-commerce specialist

My experience with the term began with a friend of my Father. One of my Father's best friends from University, a lovely chap and a technological journalist called David Manners co-wrote a book with a Japanese futurologist Tsugio Makimoto called 'Digital Nomad' (pub. 1997), which I think is the first ever known usage of the term.

By talking to him at various family friends social engagements over the mid to late 90's and being aware of that helped focus my understanding of the likely result of all of these technological and sociological developments related with the rise of the Internet into a singular concept, a 'Digital Nomad'.

I've always considered myself one really, since it perfectly summed up everything I believed in and wanted to be. Previously Anarchism was always considered overly idealogical, utopic even, a nice idea that could never be implemented. Digital Nomadism smacked this on the head, by providing a pragmatic every day appplication of this ideology in a progressive and sustainable way, change via technological revolution, not via violent revolution.

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