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As a social media marketer, do you have any tips for people trying to sell info products with Facebook ads?

Answered by Leo Kipfelsberger, Facebook marketing consultant

Use Facebook Audience Insights tool to do competitor research. Look for companies and individuals who offer similar products and drill deep into what other brands their audiences share an affinity with.

Target the audiences of your competitors in order to increase your own reach.

When it comes to ad copy and creatives, look up the best performing ads in your niche through AdEspresso.

Copy from the best and model what already works. Do not try to reinvent the wheel.

Unfortunately, Facebook does not offer a white hat marketing option yet to target group members. If that feature becomes available in the future, then it is going to be a gold mine.

When it comes to general ad strategy for info products:

  1. Use front-loaded value delivery - educate and entertain people before selling;
  2. Use plenty of success stories and show prospects that regular people have been able to see results by using your products;
  3. Inject urgency - open your sales channels for certain periods of time before closing them again and create a feeling of scarcity.

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