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Do you feel like Facebook ads become more restrictive over the years, and where do you think this space is headed?

Answered by Leo Kipfelsberger, Facebook marketing consultant

I honestly believe that Facebook ads are becoming more advanced than anything else rather than being restrictive.

From a marketer's standpoint, yes, the GDPR rules have been a big hit and have restricted targeting a bit when marketing to EU audiences. However, from a personal and privacy standpoint, I think that it was a good decision to allow people to decide what they want to happen with their personal data.

That being said, if I market to audiences in the US, I still have access to more advanced targeting tactics such as household income and real estate assets in comparison to Europe, which can often prove to be marketing gold if you are planning to sell high-end real estate through Facebook for example.

That being said, I think that unless people stop using the platform all at once or choose to become much more private in terms of what content they post - Facebook will continue to hone down its targeting, the selection of its data points, and the attribution of that data to personal users.

What I do see happening at the moment though is that as more and more people join the platform, ad costs will go up which will eventually give way to a new platform that offers cheaper options but that's still a long way to go.

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