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At what point should you begin automating the business?

Answered by Julia Shem, entrepreneur

When you work 14-hour days and feel that there aren't enough hours in a day to accomplish all the things on your to-do list - you should definitely start searching for technology solutions to automate some of your tasks (better website, CRM with automated follow-ups, Zapier to automate little tasks), and delegate the rest of the daily operational tasks (like customer service or shipping your orders) to someone else.

Especially if you want to become location-independent. Actually, this is how Shipdazzle was born as I was preparing for my first long-term travel and was searching for a solution to outsource my order fulfillment. Most of existing fulfillment services required large monthly order minimums with pricing cutting too deeply into my margins. So I set out to create my own order fulfillment system, found a storage space and hired my first local employee in Los Angeles. After years of optimizing it, I created Shipdazzle.com - a service that other e-commerce business owners can benefit from as well, they store their inventory with us and have us ship their orders, essentially saving time on order fulfillment and focusing on growing their business instead.

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