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Before travelling to a new destination, what are your favourite apps to create an itinerary of places you want to see?

Answered by Ella Gordon, travel influencer

This is my favorite part about traveling! Getting myself excited and prepared to go. I use several different apps/websites ranging from flights and things to do, to accommodation! My favourite apps are the following:


A mobile app or website where I always book the cheapest flights. You can also book accommodation through it, but I tend to stick to flights for that one.


An online travel website consisting of information shared by bloggers with tips on literally any city/country you can think of! I found Travelfish by simply googling questions regarding places I was visiting, and it always ranks at the top. They provide anything & everything you could need!


For the backpackers or people who don't mind crashing in a room with some other people, hostels are your cheapest bet. Hostelworld shows you all the hostels in the area you're headed. As for Airbnb- everyone loves Airbnb! They have some of nicest resorts you could find, or there are lovely little homestays you can book. It has everything!

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