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Can you remember the first time you came across the term "Digital Nomad" - what was your first impression and what was the factor that sparked you to become one?

Answered by Becca Brittain, social media marketer

The first time I came across the term digital nomad I was intrigued. The pace my boyfriend & I are moving around the world means I've seen shared workspaces all over the world but I'm always too busy to spend any time in them! We tend to work from cafes or in Air B & B's so we have the home comforts, I haven't been in an office environment since April 2017 - I really just work wherever there is Wifi, in 6 months I've only had a couple of instances where there hasn't been any. We do find ourselves asking about WiFi before considering anything on the menu! In a few days, we'll be in a camper van going up the East Coast of Australia where I'll be relying on free WiFi each day, after that we're heading to Bali where I've heard about the Digital Nomad scene. I'm still not sure if I'm ready to enter an office environment again. I'm a digital nomad for the freedom it brings to connect with myself and my creativity; the decade I spent in an office in England replaced my creative ideas with a ‘stress-induced eye-twitch' so in Bali you're more likely to find me meditating at sunrise than checking into the ‘office'. I've found the nomad lifestyle has re-awoken & inspired my creative side, I want to do my best to keep it blooming.

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