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List of categories

  • Accounting(1): being a remote accountant
  • Affiliate marketing(16): making an online income with affiliate marketing
  • Blogging(4): running a profitable blog
  • Books(6): books and e-books for digital nomads
  • Communities(7): About being part of a community or running a community business.
  • Dropshipping(2): running a remote dropshipping store
  • Facebook ads(16): managing Facebook ads remotely
  • Finance(6): Questions about finance, financial markets, investment, etc.
  • Freelancing(34): discussing things specific to freelancing, like finding and managing work, career choice, etc.
  • General(57): all topics that cannot be otherwise categorized
  • Instagram(6): Everything about Instagram, including marketing, growing your audience and everything inbetween.
  • Languages(4): teaching languages on platforms like italki, preply and others. Dropshipping
  • Law(15): Discussions about law and remote aspects of law.
  • Marketing(14): Talking about marketing in general (including on all the different channels).
  • Online courses(1): creating online courses that generate a passive income on platforms like Udemy and others
  • Philosophy & politics of digital nomadism(6): Discussing the more theoretical and political sides of being a digital nomad.
  • Productivity(17): discussing how to improve your work efficiency and time management as a digital nomad
  • Publishing(7): publishing ebooks online on Amazon Kindle and other platforms
  • Remote work(38): working in a location independent job
  • Retreats(10): organizing retreats as a digital nomad
  • Search engine optimization(3): About optimizing for Google, Duckduckgo, Bing and other search engines.
  • Social goals(1): Talking about social goals, movements and how to help society.
  • Social media(2): managing social media accounts for your clients
  • Software development(7): being a remote software engineer
  • Startups(46): running a remote online startup
  • Travel(76): the intricacies of digital nomad travel
  • YouTube(11): running a YouTube channel remotely

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