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Did you meet your girlfriend while traveling? If so, how do you build a strong relationship with someone you met on the road if there's always the possibility that both of you might end up having plans that don't necessarily align?

Answered by Thibault Lemaitre, digital marketing consultant

That's a really interesting question.

My girlfriend and I met just over a year ago, when we were both traveling to London. I hadn't started my big digital nomad trip yet, but it was already planned.

However, she was traveling a lot for work, going to 3-4 different places per month, all around the world. So while we started this relationship with a lot of distance, there was a lot of trust early on, a lot of communication, and more importantly, we both could empathize with one another, about how tiring and lonely traveling can be, feeling like we're not alone dealing with jet lag and changing timezones.

Because her employer was flying her out to different places around the world, she could still get miles on her airline loyalty card, and so once I started traveling, we ended up meeting in different places for a week, a weekend, or -once she took a sabbatical- to end the trip together for the last few months.

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