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Do you learn the local language when you travel as a digital nomad?

Answered by Leo Kipfelsberger, Facebook marketing consultant

It depends on how long I'll stay in the country. I usually try to learn the basics and common courtesy sentences and words in order to express myself when I am out and about.

It also depends on how much I like the sounds of the language. I've lived in the Netherlands for 3 years and was never really interested in learning it as I thought that it's not necessarily a very pleasing sounding language.

In comparison to when I moved to Panama, I could not wait to learn Spanish as it has always been my favorite language in terms of sounds.

Another factor that I consider is how useful I deem a language to be for me personally in the future.

I tried to study Arabic for half a year but once I realized that I will probably not spend much longer in the region and that it would take me far longer to learn it - I decided on learning another language instead, which, I might have better use for in the future.

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