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Do you think digital nomads would rather start from freelancing or developing own products?

Answered by Patrick Farrell, photographer and software engineer

I think it's hard to jump directly into developing your own products, but if you can do it then that is amazing. But freelancing is a great way to develop your skills and your expertise while you build your own products.

The downside is that freelancing takes away from the time you are developing your own products, but I still think it is important to do freelancing for a while until you establish yourself as a subject matter expert in a particular area.

To get yourself ready to started, I would recommend doing a 90 challenge to get yourself in the mindset of becoming a content creator. You can choose blogging on Medium, you can choose making videos on YouTube, or you could post every day on Instagram. But your main goal is to become a subject matter expert in something, and get yourself in the habit of creating.

One you start creating consistently, then you can work on developing your own products. You can even turn your posts into knowledge products. Here's a post I wrote about why I post on Medium.

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