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Does dropshipping still work and how expensive is it?

Answered by Johnny FD, entrepreneur & podcaster

I think that for me dropshipping was the best way to have gotten started in online business and still recomend it today for people starting out, however, the reason why most people fail is they don't treat it as a real business when it really needs to be one.

The concept itself sounds very easy and the costs are low to start which is why it attracts people, but the reality it's more similar to starting a physical retail store than it is to starting a website. So even though it technically only costs $1,000 or less to start one ($100 for the site, hosting, logo etc, plus $500-$900 in advertising spend), if someone isn't willing to spend 2-3 months learning, building, and testing the store and $2,000 to take a course, get an internship at an established company or go to university to learn ecommerce they probably won't follow through.

Short answer, yes, dropshipping still works and is great but only if you have the mindset where you would also willing to take out a loan for $50,000 to build the exact same store in a physical location and go through the same procedures and headaches.

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