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Have you ever been concerned for your safety before travelling to a new place?

Answered by Ella Gordon, travel influencer

Honestly, no. Don't get me wrong- There are several places in the world where safety should be taken into consideration a vast amount more than other places. With that being said, I always do my research beforehand. I don't always go into detail about the specific history of each country, but I do inform myself on what's been happening in the moment and over the past few years. I said no, my safety has never been a concern because I choose to go to places where I feel comfortable and unthreatened. I've been to countries such as Morocco, Vietnam, Spain, Thailand- Places where theft is seen very often and is constantly warned about. I believe that as long as you travel smart, don't carry your valuables with you, and keep yourself out of dangerous situations as much as possible (I.e. Walking around at night, alone), there's no reason to worry yourself about the destination you'll be visiting.

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