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Have you ever spent a day without internet as a digital nomad?

Answered by Thibault Lemaitre, digital marketing consultant

That's a very good question.

For the work setting, it has happened a few times, but almost always when I'm about to go travel to a new location.

When that happens, I warn my client a few weeks ahead and then again a few days before. Then when the time comes, I make sure that my work is ready for them to approve or review before I fly, if there's anything waiting for them. When I land and get some connectivity again, I check back on what I need to take care of.

Otherwise, over the weekend, I make it a solid decision not to work, unless I absolutely have to!

On break days, I actually spend less and less time online if we take away time on Netflix over the weekend.

Being in a strong relationship, my girlfriend and I really enjoy walking around Dublin and the surrounding areas over the weekend, so generally, I catch up on TV shows in the early evening.

I'm not tracking that time too much when I'm on a break, but I might be online for around 2 hours.

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