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Have you had moments when you actually missed your home while traveling as a digital nomad?

Answered by Jacob Laukaitis, marketer

Very few, but yes.

My most memorable moment when I missed home was back in late 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. I spent a month or so traveling around Japan and ended up in Tokyo at the end of December, a day before Christmas.

Because it was my first time in Japan, I didn't really have a lot of local friends there and thus had to celebrate my Christmas alone, eating cheap sushi at some random restaurant... while my friends and family back home were having a wonderful time exchanging presents and wishing everyone well.

At that moment, I was looking at all the photos and videos they had sent me and truly wished I could teleport myself over there for just a few hours. Either way, all things considered, I was happy I spent all that time traveling around Japan and even though it wasn't cool to celebrate Christmas alone.

You win some, you lose some, hey!

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