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Have you tried to learn coding as a digital marketer?

Answered by Thibault Lemaitre, digital marketing consultant

I did, at University - unfortunately back then, no one in France was teaching you how to code in school. When I arrived at the University of Brighton, I was one of the two students who had never tried to code or to understand HTML, so I had a lot to catch-up on.

Every few years or so, I try to brush up on my skills using Treehouse too. But while I'm not a coder per se, I understand how code works, backend / frontend / APIs / Servers - I have a good enough understanding of it that I can chat with developers and understand them. That's why I'm able to better help customers: I can 'translate' the technical stuff and make it easier to understand to the end-users, which I believe is one of my strengths.

I also know just enough HTML and CSS that I can tweak my own website when I need to, which is useful!

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