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How did you start your relocation business

Answered by Kristin Wilson, relocation consultant

It was an organic process and aha moment that presented itself because of my particular skillset. Sort of how everyone has a path or purpose in life, especially if you act on hunches or clues. I was always interested in traveling as a teenager, then traveled more in my early 20's to study abroad and surf competitively. I also learned fluent Spanish, then started my career in real estate in Costa Rica. Throughout all these experiences, I realized how much time and money I spent every time I moved to a new place. Basically, I recognized a problem and realized I had a solution. So I started helping my real estate clients relocate when they bought properties.

After 7 years of experience in Central American real estate and development, something called "Black Friday" happened, where the US Dept of Justice banned all offshore poker sites in the US. So I saw an opportunity to help those poker players leave the US and continue their careers abroad, and I had the skill set to make it very fast, painless, and easy for them.

I spent 3 months (during after-work hours) putting together my own relocation process and launched with a partner who owned a large poker forum. This gave me credibility and visibility. The company has been profitable since month one. Over the years I added more services, destinations, and also affiliate income streams. Currently, I'm transitioning into more coaching, teaching, writing, speaking, and informational products versus hourly and project-based consulting.

It's good to keep lean operating expenses until you're profitable. That way you can be agile and change things quickly without needed more investment or laying off employees.

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