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How do I ask people to give me their money for my services/knowledge? I have never been able to ask for it. People have offered me money and I accept it gladly for my services, but I don't know how to actually ask for it even when I end up doing the service.

Answered by Jacob Laukaitis, marketer

I think it's all about believing that what you do helps other people solve their problems and that it makes their lives better. If you honestly believe that what you do is awesome and that people would have a hard time doing those tasks if you weren't around, then it's not a problem anymore to ask for the money.


Because by solving those problems, you either save their time or make them money and, in both cases, they're more than happy to pay for that, because essentially they were able to make money too. You can look at it this way - if I made someone $100 (whether directly or indirectly), then obviously them giving me $10-20 of that is an incredibly fair deal that everyone's happy with.

So just make sure that what you're doing is very helpful and beneficial to other people and that it ends up (directly or indirectly) making them more money or saving them more time and then asking to get paid becomes really natural.

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