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How do you assure quality for your customers without doing it yourself?

Answered by Julia Shem, entrepreneur

I think hiring the right people and retaining the quality of your service are the most important part of business automation. It was hard for me to let go of control, delegate my sales and completely trust my employees on that but there was no other choice rather than continue to keep doing everything myself. It took some time to find the right people through trial and error, there was a learning curve for both of us as my team members were training and I was learning to manage a team.

I eventually created a workbook with all daily operational tasks, templates, all ‘how to' examples and most importantly, an action list for every possible problem that could occur, essentially creating a system to replace me. There is always room to improve and I do perform a quality check from time to time to ensure that everything is running smooth and that my customers are happy.

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