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How do you deal with taxes as an American citizen when you travel constantly and are not registered in any state?

Answered by Meagan Maher, online english tutor

I get paid by direct deposit into my bank account and with PayPal, which I then transfer to my bank account. Even when I'm traveling, my bank accounts are tied to addresses in the US. So I'll file taxes in the appropriate states where it appears to the government that I'm making money, even though I wasn't necessarily physically in those states when I was making the money.

To file my taxes, I use the free version of TurboTax. I'm not particularly attached to using TurboTax, but it's what I used last year and I didn't have any complaints, so I'll use it again this year. I briefly considered hiring someone to file my taxes for me, but I feel like my situation isn't that complicated and I don't think my refund would be that much bigger to justify paying a couple hundred dollars for the help. I won't know for sure since I'm not trying it; for all I know I'm missing out on good money. I'm not a tax expert by any means; I'm just sharing how I'm choosing to deal with them. Hopefully it helps!

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