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How do you decide what to do yourself and what to outsource?

Answered by Jacob Laukaitis, marketer

I'm a huge fan of passive automated businesses that work for you as opposed to you working for them. So I generally try to outsource as much as I can. For example, when I was running ChameleonJohn with my partners (that we just sold a few weeks ago), at some point we had 24 full-time employees in a few offices around the world. That was okay, but it was so hard to manage all of those processes and at some point, we felt like we were spending more time taking care of all the office politics and trying to motivate people and so on as opposed to actually focusing on running and growing the business. Then we decided to outsource as much as we could and ended up with a team of just 6 people full-time and outsourced the rest. That was a big game-changer for us that saved us money, increased our profitability and helped us focus on growing the business.

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