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How do you encourage membership site members to stay?

Answered by Jill Stanton, Entrepreneur & blogger

You have to work on two things: retention and your integration.


Focusing on integrating new members into a community is HUGE when it comes to membership communities. Why?

Because the last thing you want is for someone to join and feel like an "outsider" or feel to overwhelmed or shy to get involved into the community.

The way we overcame this was we hired a community manager who hosted "Welcome Calls" for all new members so that they could introduce them to other members, walk them through the community and how to use it and explain our live call structure so they knew how to get the most out of the membership they paid for.


The next is your Retention -- so this is how many people continue to stick around month after month.

The way we improved ours (at its peak our retention was 93%!!) was through a few things:

  1. We had something going down inside the membership every single week so that we could re-engage members on a weekly basis (for us this was done through live calls hosted by either myself and Josh or our coaches we hired or our community manager)
  2. Retention ads -- we would run FB ads to our members reminding them of what was going down in the community that week
  3. Weekly roundup email -- because our community was SO engaged, we would send out a roundup email every week where we would spotlight a member and highlight any calls we hosted, any new content we released or any member threads that were high value.

All of these strategies worked amazingly well for us!

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