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How do you find clients for legal serivces that don't mind that your services are being carried out remotely?

Answered by Larissa Bodniowycz, remote lawyer

Honestly, having a home-base and being licensed in California helps. The state's culture in general is very remote work friendly. I call the Starbucks a mile down the street my "office," and the other people that work there my "co-workers." Walk in there any weekday at 9AM and you will find 90% or more of the tables are occupied by people with their laptops popped open. The store is set up to cater to that crowd as well - lots of individual tables for one and plugs.

So, for many small businesses in California remote delivery of attorney services isn't strange or sketchy. Then there is the domino effect. Once you get one remote client they refer their remote-friendly friends and colleagues. The size of my ideal client also helps - I work with very small businesses and freelancers - 0 to 5 employees generally. I don't work or seek work from large corporate clients who often prefer some of the niceties of a traditional law firm like fancy offices, a large staff, and in-person meetings.

I think in general the rest of the country is catching on as well. I'm also licensed in Florida and have had remote clients there.

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