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How do you get book reviews from high profile writes and entrepreneurs?

Answered by Natalie Sisson, business and lifestyle strategist

It starts with having a great relationship with them that you've built up over time, that way it's easier to request a great endorsement from them, when the time comes.

However, like pitching media, you have to show them WIFM (what's in it for me) by making it as easy as possible to say yes to you. For example highlighting why you'd love them to read your book (how much you respect them, love their work etc), giving them an advanced digital copy and enough of a window for them, as busy people, to review it. Suggesting which chapters, or even a few pages they could read instead to get a sense of the book (cut down their time answering your request and make it super easy for them to do so).

Once you have a few high profile folks, you can use their names when you approach others, which will show you have great support and impress them too, so they're more likely to say yes.

It's about following up, persistence and respecting their time and status.

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