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How did you start out in your having stable remote work?

Answered by Leo Kipfelsberger, Facebook marketing consultant

While I was working abroad as an expat, I mostly took on consulting jobs that were project-based which lasted anywhere from 3-6 months.

After one contract had finished, the following project fell through and that left me at a time where I had to decide whether I wanted to spend the next couple of weeks looking for new job opportunities in my field or whether I should undergo a career change that would allow me to work online.

Similar to the BeNomad ebook, I looked at all the options out there and made a list of jobs that linked up with my current skillset and with new avenues (skills/directions) that I personally wanted to learn more about.

I chose Facebook advertising, because I believed that it would allow me to scale my income in the future while having to physically work less.

In addition, I had always been intrigued by psychology and automated sales funnel design - how purchasing decisions are framed in the human mind and how I can set up a funnel which brings in automated sales based on these principles applied at scale.

At the beginning, I actually used Facebook ads to drive traffic to affiliate deals. As I became better over time, I realized that I could offer my skills to external clients which would allow me to serve other people while expanding my network.

My advice to beginners would be to narrow down job opportunities that will yield a return of investment on your time input relatively quickly.

I know this is very controversial and goes against the advice of "Follow your passion" but let's be honest - the digital nomad lifestyle comes with a price tag and as a beginner, if you start out with relatively little savings, you will probably need to build an income quite quickly which will allow you to keep going.

That being said, don't get stuck in one niche and think that it's the golden egg. If it does not yield any results, don't be afraid to pivot and adapt.

I changed about 3-4 times before I found my niche that I am very passionate about and love learning more about.

Keep going until you find the thing that gets you jumping out of bed on a Monday morning.

For me, that's Facebook ads in combination with selling info products through automated sales funnels.

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