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How do you manage duties that you need to undertake in person in your home country (renewing your driver's license, getting a new passport, redeeming the benefits of health insurance, etc.)?

Answered by Jacob Laukaitis, marketer

That's definitely one of the tougher parts of the digital nomad lifestyle!

The biggest problem is that a lot of the governmental agencies (dealing with passports, driver's licenses, etc.) are so old-fashioned and filled with bureaucracy that there's no way one can do it remotely (or it's incredibly complicated).

For example, a few years back I was traveling in Indonesia and wanted to continue my trip to India. However, at that point I realized there were no empty pages on my passport and thus I had to make my way to Tokyo, Japan (the nearest embassy that was able to issue out passports), pay $150 for a new passport and wait 40 days until I received it. Of course, I used that time to travel around Japan, but it was still really inconvenient.

The good thing about these issues, though, is that you don't generally need to take care of them very often. Once a year is usually more than enough - so make sure to go back home every once in a while and fix them all at once.

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