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How do you meet new people, make friends in a new locations when travelling as a family?

Answered by Kierstan Streber, life coach

We sometimes stay at hostels to meet people (we get a private room). In airbnb's we are pretty much stuck inside by 8pm, thats Otto's bedtime. But in a hostel there are always people around and sometimes a bar. So we can lock the room, take the baby monitor and hang out with other travelers and locals without a baby in tow. We always go to bars, restaurants, cafes, parks, and playgrounds. These are all great places to make connections with people. Just this morning at a cafe we met a couple from North Carolina who have been traveling with their 2 year old son for the past 7 months! Otto has actually enabled us to meet more people than traveling just as a couple. Other cultures value and love kids, and people will regularly turn, smile, engage, and talk to us when we pass by! Note: AirBnB hosts and nice hotels can be great resources for finding temporary child care for nights while traveling!

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