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How do you stay motivated when you come across obstacles in a country you're not familiar with?

Answered by Jacob Laukaitis, marketer

I think one of the best things about traveling full-time is the fact that you're (almost) never in your comfort zone.

That is exactly why I embrace all the obstacles I face on my way and focus on overcoming them, as every new obstacle will inevitably help me grow as a person.

Here are a few examples:

  1. When I had a near-fatal motorbike crash in Thailand, I learned to appreciate every single moment of my life even more than I did before and became a happier person in the process;
  2. When my friends broke their car and we couldn't do our long-planned road-trip around Australia, we joined some more friends and had an absolutely amazing time traveling around Tasmania;
  3. When I got altitude sickness while hiking in the Himalayas, I made some friends, borrowed medicine from them and successfully reached the basecamp of Mt. Everest the next day.

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