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How do you structure your time - management? Do you make sure that you set off days where no client will contact you or do you make yourself available each day of the week?

Answered by Thalassa Van Beek, content marketing expert

It depends a bit per client. Unfortunately there are clients who, if you don't set clear boundaries, will try to walk all over you. For example, I had a client who texted me at 11pm on a Saturday evening on my private number with things that really could wait till Monday morning. So with that client I'm very strict and instructed him to only use my phone number in case of an emergency, and for all other communication use our main tool for communication, which is Slack. Now all messages coming in there during evenings or weekends, I ignore until more appropriate times.

On the other hand, there are also clients who show a lot of respect and appreciation, and when they are on a deadline, I offer to help them through the weekend. But you see the difference: in this case I offer it - I don't need to set boundaries with them.

I think one of the main benefits you offer as a freelancer compared to an agency, is that you actually can offer that flexibility and I think as long as clients don't abuse it, it's a good way of showing good-will every now and then.

Other than that, with most of my tasks it doesn't really matter when I do them throughout the week, so lately I've been scheduling it in a way that on Wednesday, I have about an hour of work, so that's almost a day off, but my clients are not aware of that.

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