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How hard is it to be continuously traveling and know that there will be times when you have to forget about your original plans and adjust your itinerary on the go?

Answered by Saba Bosuener, remote travel agent

I think it largely depends on your character but I personally adjust my travel plans to the feel of the location and the people I meet in that place.

If I had plans to stay in a certain city only for a week but it turns out I meet great people that I really enjoy spending my time with - I often find myself prolonging my stay there.

Vice versa, if I was excited to be getting to a certain location but upon arrival really don't feel the vibes of the place, I might choose to leave immediately rather than sticking to my original itinerary.

Travel is often spontaneous and I seek to be with people and in environments that I enjoy - so if I have to cancel, reschedule or prolong my plans in order to be able to enjoy the moment a little longer I will.

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