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How has search engine optimization changed since 1998 as compared to 2018?

Answered by Dan Lawrence, SEO and e-commerce specialist

Whilst I remember saying to colleagues/clients etc back in the early 2000's that 'SEO rhymes with Slow' (to help manage their expectations) compared to today you could achieve incredible results very quickly back then. Now it has become alot slower to achieve good results, especially if you are starting from the ground up with a new site.

Although this is not necessarily a bad thing since its as a result of both Googles/search engines desire to improve the quality of their results but of course also to increase paid ad media spend. It does make it harder for startups to, well, get off to a good start and does leave established brands an advantage.

But never neglect your SEO, its just so fundamentally important it should always be considered the foundation and does still deliver the best ROI over any other aspect of the DM mix as far as I am aware.

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