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How many hours do you work per day while traveling as a digital nomad?

Answered by Patrick Farrell, photographer and software engineer

Depends on the environment and what is going on.

Normally, when I'm in a more stable place, I try to work at least 5 hours a day, but that doesn't always happen. But there are days when I might work 10-12 hours too.

Just recently, I was just on the Nomad Cruise for the last 2 weeks so I didn't get a lot of programming work done at all. But I did a different type of work, networking: I was talking to people all day long, building relationships and making myself known in this community. That is going to be super useful in the future when I want to run retreats or a conference, or just sell my software. Because if someone knows me, it's much easier to get them to come on your trip, or buy your software.

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