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How much do you spend for transportation since you change cities/countries every month?

Answered by Thibault Lemaitre, digital marketing consultant

Good question - it's hard for me to assess, but in short: not that much because I tend to walk as much as I can -that helps me getting a better sense of directions, it's also a great way to catch up on podcasts/audiobooks.

Otherwise I'm a big fan of public transport - I only rented a car once, driving from Sydney to Melbourne, affording myself a little road trip.

In terms of flights, the majority of my flights were within the same region, which allowed me to avoid paying a lot of money going around the world several times. For example, instead of taking a flight from France to Korea, I went from France to Dubai, Dubai to Shanghai, Shanghai to Korea.

Another tip I found the hard way is that Tuesdays are generally the cheapest days to fly, on average. More people travel on the weekend, whether that's for work, or for a weekend getaway. If you go on a Tuesday or even Wednesday, prices are significantly cheaper, generally speaking.

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