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How do people react to you when you tell them you are a digital nomad? Has someone ever said you were doing something useless?

Answered by Jacob Laukaitis, marketer

Not really...

Most people are usually really supportive and they keep saying they would want to have the same lifestyle too. The conversation usually goes like this:

Q: "What kind of work do you do, man?"
A: "Well, I sort of travel 12 months a year while working online..."
Q: "Wow, dude, that's absolutely awesome! I'm so jealous of you - I'd love to do the same!"
A: "So... hm... why don't you do it then?"
Q: "Argh, you know, I really like living in [the country where they were born and raised], I have this and I have that, I don't think I can do it..."

Even though sometimes those reasons are legitimate - illnesses, specific family situations, etc., but most often they're just excuses to stay in their comfort zones and not seek their dreams.

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