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How to stay in touch with friends and family as a digital nomad?

Answered by Leo Kipfelsberger, Facebook marketing consultant

To be honest, my friend circle has changed quite a bit ever since I started moving and traveling so much. I think it's normal that as people evolve and get older, interests change and sometimes that means that you will lose contact with some friends.

The people that I'm still very close to often have a similar lifestyle. I frequently accommodate my schedule by rearranging travel plans in order to meet up with these people in new locations to go on adventures together.

In terms of family, I make sure that when I do come home, I try to spend quality time with my family members with less work and without distractions.

The time that I spend at home is almost more rewarding than before since I do not take my family for granted and I really try to appreciate every minute that I get to spend with them while I'm home.

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