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I'm in a CS program at a top-10 college. When I graduate in two years, I want to travel indefinitely, while generating a decent income stream with apps and freelance work. How and where can one become a digital nomad?

Answered by Christopher Dodd, freelancer digital nomad

That's awesome!

Sounds like you will be well-educated when you leave college but don't make my mistake and think that just because you have skills, the clients will come to you. Start marketing yourself online as soon as possible and try to get some freelance work (or remote work for a company).

If you reach your target income before you leave to go on your travels then the whole thing will be much easier for you. In contrast, if you wait until you've already left to start finding work, you might find it a rude shock at how competitive it is out there.

Better to start earlier, I believe.

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