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I'm worried that as a digital nomad I wouldn't have a stable income and would risk not being able to sustain this lifestyle. Maybe it's better for me to spend some time working for a big company, save money and then travel?

Answered by Jacob Laukaitis, marketer

I think this question outlines one of the biggest misconceptions a lot of people have on the digital nomad lifestyle - that being a nomad means you are a full-time back-packer, scraping to get-by without any stable income or a promising career path.

The thing is, in the 21st century, most companies don't care where you live and what you do with your free time. They only care about your work results.

What that means is that being a digital nomad and traveling the world while keeping up with work is exactly the same as working 9-5 from an office cubicle.

As long as you deliver good results, your boss will be happy with you being anywhere you like for as long as you like. Unless, of course, you need to meet people face-to-face - in that case you couldn't be a full-time nomad.

When it comes to a promising career path, there are tons of digital nomads making tens of thousands of dollars per month either having very well-paid remote jobs, freelancing for huge clients or running their own businesses.

All in all, being a digital nomad doesn't mean you will not be able to make good money or have a splendid career. It all depends on how focused you are on your work and what results you can accomplish :)

If you're not convinced, check out my boys Cedric and Adomas. They're both worth tons of money and they travel full-time as digital nomads!

If you don't think you could land a high-paying remote job, check out Asad - he's making 10 times more than he would working in his own country and... you guessed it, he's an active digital nomad.

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