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Now that you've been based out of Dublin these last 6 months, can you reflect on the ups and downs of life in one location as opposed to traveling?

Answered by Thibault Lemaitre, digital marketing consultant

There are definitely more places I'd like to travel to (Japan, US, Canada, etc), and places I want to go back to (KOREA, Athens, Berlin, etc) and being in one place doesn't quite allow that. With that being said, Europe is pretty easy to travel across, wherever you are, so with a 2-3 hour flight, you're everywhere on the continent: this year, we're planning to be in France a few times, I'm taking my second 2018 trip to London this year over the weekend, we're also planning holidays in Croatia, Lisbon, the US, etc.

On the downsides, it's odd being in a city as small as Dublin. Ireland as a country is only 5M people, and Dublin is 1.5M. I can walk across the entire city in an hour.

I've also lived in the UK for 5 years when I was studying and started my career, so it is kind of a deja-vu feeling for me. But it allows me to better focus on my work and plan ahead for what we'd like to do with my girlfriend over the next few years.

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