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What advice would you give to a digital nomad who is just starting his/her journey?

Answered by Leo Kipfelsberger, Facebook marketing consultant

I think in the beginning patience and resilience are key. Whether you decide to launch a startup, become a freelancer or are looking for remote jobs as an employee - your chances to see immediate success will be relatively low.

Which is why I believe it's important to start your journey with a mindset that has the ability to embrace uncertainties.

There is no sure-fire way to success to become a digital nomad and there are many people who often get overwhelmed by the number of opportunities that are out there (incl. myself).

I think any aspiring digital nomads will have the best chance at success if they focus on improving one thing at a time. Whether that's a skill set or a business objective.

Another thing which I believe is important to avoid comparing your journey to everyone else's. Social Media is full of 20 somethings who drop out their jobs and immediately showcase their dropshipping, Instagram, xyz success.

And while that is great for them - do not underestimate your own achievements. Focus on what is important in your business right now and stick with it rather than following the shiny object syndrome.

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