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What are considerations to take into account when traveling continuously with pets?

Answered by Shae Pepper, blogger & photographer

Traveling with a pet is extremely fun, but it does take a fair amount of coordination. The biggest consideration when traveling with a pet is not accommodation, although that has its challenges as well. It's figuring out what to do with the pet for each and every activity and meal. We constantly have to check:

Can our dog stay in the hotel? Can our dog come along? If our dog can stay in the hotel, how long will this activity take so they aren't alone too long. If they can come along, are they allowed inside? If not, is the weather nice enough for us to be outside. If not, what can we do as an alternative.

Every day.

You also want to make sure you keep on top of their vaccinations and carry their shot record with you at all times- we keep ours in the glovebox. If a pet needs to go to the vet, doggy daycare, groomer and even some dog parks, you might be required to show this information.

As for accommodation, you first need to find suitable accommodation in your location and within your budget that is pet-friendly. You might be fortunate enough to find all of those, and yet still come across a problem that feeds back into the first consideration I highlighted. Can the pet stay in the hotel room?

We stayed on Hilton Head Island for three days at the Red Roof Inn. Red Roof Inns are notoriously pet-friendly with no pet fee; on a budget and in an expensive location it seemed too good to be true. And it was. While it was "pet-friendly" we wouldn't call it "pet-welcoming." We weren't allowed to keep our dog in the room while we were not there- at all.

Imagine checking in for a week's vacation in the summer only to find out that you have to take your dog everywhere with you. Then you arrive at the beaches to see that they're only dog-friendly from October through March. It could create quite a problem for your travel plans.

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