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What are some interesting discoveries you had while traveling as a digital nomad?

Answered by Thibault Lemaitre, digital marketing consultant

One of the most surprising places to me was Korea as a whole. I tried to learn the language, which was fascinating - it's one of the most recent languages created, so it's very logical: each symbol/character is a specific sound. So if you know enough of them, you can read characters in the streets. It doesn't mean that you'll understand what it means, but it's a good start when you're looking for a specific place.

Another thing about Korea: the food, the people, the fashion! Along with Singapore and New York, it was my favorite place to visit last year and I can't wait to go back. Some people summed it up as both a calmer and crazier version of Japan - I haven't seen Japan yet, so I'm still very excited and curious about this.

Aside from that, my dad is a great cook and food is a huge part of my life (not just eating it, but the cultural spectrum coming from it as well) so it was amazing to travel all around the world and to try different types of food.

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