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What are the advantages of turning to a remote retreat company as opposed to organising access to a co-working space and accommodation by oneself?

Answered by Claudia Fratangeli, Nomad Retreat Organizer

The most obvious one is the opportunity of taking away the hassle of the organization, of looking for spaces in destinations you don't know the first thing of and avoiding blind booking you may come to regret. The core reason for choosing a retreat over going solo is definitely the sense of community it offers. Joining a retreat is much more than just having a bed to sleep in and desk to work from. You choose it to meet like-minded people, to enjoy a brilliant programme of activities, to access authentic local experiences.

Of course, it is a personal choice, some people may be more comfortable in trying to create these opportunities on their own, but a retreat creates the environment to accelerate the sense of community for its guests.

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