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What are the best digital nomad places in Tuscany?

Answered by Claudia Fratangeli, Nomad Retreat Organizer

Florence is definitely a great place for digital nomads. The city has a rich tradition of expat communities, is easy to navigate and last time I went I spotted some really cool cafes to work from. Generally speaking, Tuscany is well organised to welcome tourists, which makes it easier for a digital nomad to spend time there, get work done and interact with locals and foreigners alike. I went often to Pisa and Lucca, both lovely and vibrant cities, I would definitely recommend having them in your route.

Of course, let's not forget the stunning hillside and landscape of the coastline and the islands. If you venture outside the cities though, don't expect strong wifi everywhere. If you're planning on doing some work overlooking the hills or the beach, check the internet connection with your host before booking.

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