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What are the best strategies to attract initial clients when you are starting out as a digital marketer?

Answered by Leo Kipfelsberger, Facebook marketing consultant

As someone who has started his journey as a digital marketer only recently, I have found these 3 strategies to work best for me in order to attract clients:

  1. Leverage your personal network

When I first started out getting into Facebook ads, I messaged my entire Facebook friends list - 600+ people - to let them know I was offering Facebook marketing services and that I would work for free for the first 5 people who took up my offer.

I then used these connections, as referrals and testimonials to promote my services to even more clients.

Also make sure, that every time you deliver great results, to ask your client to keep you in mind in case any of his colleagues could need help with your service offerings - this way you will make sure that more referrals will be coming your way.

  1. Make use of freelance platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr.

I am not going to lie - competition is tough on these platforms but there are a few strategies I think will work to get your gigs more exposure.

  • Offer additional value for the same price in comparison to your competition e.g. instead of just designing a sales funnel - offer complimentary consulting calls before you start your service to front-load your customers experience with value
  • Go the extra mile and include video intros in your profile. Most freelancers will only have descriptions of their services and sometimes an image of them. But if you feel confident enough to do a video it will dramatically increase your conversions as video builds trust with prospects before they buy. They can see who you are, that you know what you are talking about and that you care to get them results.
  1. Use Facebook to your advantage

Let's say you are an FB marketer who offers ad management services to clients - why not advertise your services on Facebook to potential prospects who might be interested

Choose your ideal customer according to their gender, age, location and interested and run an ad to them showing them exactly how you plan on getting them the desired results that they are after.

Check out an example of this strategy here.The guy is a fellow marketer and does a great job explaining how he used Facebook ads to attract clients for his social media marketing business.

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